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Jodie Benveniste

Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, author, and TEDx speaker with over 20 years experience.  She is a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, and a member of the Australian Psychological Society, Assoc MAPS.

Jodie teaches individuals and groups a powerful psychological framework for understating them Selves so that they can create meaningful and lasting change in their lives. She’s also an experienced and inspirational speaker, the author of four books, and has been a regular commentator in the media, an ambassador for major brands, and a trusted advisor on government projects.

Jodie's career has spanned corporate consulting, academic research, freelance writing, and business ownership, including her successful business, Intuitive Parenting. She’s worked with top tier big corporates, small not-for-profits and everyone in between.

She’s known for her creativity, insight, empathy and initiative. Jodie helps you to bridge that gap between insight (I know something needs to change) to action (I’m changing).



Dr Karyn Carson

Dr Karyn Carson

Dr Karyn Carson is a speech-language pathologist and has worked extensively, in Australia and abroad, in early intervention and school-based settings with individuals with speech, language, and literacy difficulties.  She has published numerous international articles related to evidence-based practice in the areas of early screening, identification, and intervention for children with speech, language, and literacy difficulties.  Karyn has won national awards for her presentations and has also been the recipient of grants to support research initiatives.

Karyn is the director of ‘The Soundmill Centre’, a small business that advocates for the early identification and prevention of speech, language and literacy difficulties among pre-school and school-aged children through provision of specialist support and advice to children and families.



Joanna Giannes

Joanna Giannes is a Leadership Development specialist with over two decades of industry, government and community  leadership experience.

She has worked locally, nationally and internationally in Leadership Development along with managing, designing and facilitating in an award winning Community Leadership Program.

She is a qualified Psychotherapist with Post Graduate qualifications in Organizational Learning and Education (Leadership).

Joanna is the founder and principal consultant of Sofia Leaders, an organisation dedicated to building leadership capacity in individuals and communities. Creating extraordinary programs Joanna draws from multiple disciplines with depth and insight bridging anthropology, cross cultural practices, transpersonal psychology and contemporary leadership theories.

Sofia Leaders programs and retreats have a deep emphasis on authenticity, self-realization, power and meaning to facilitate transforming oneself and society.

Joanna currently serves on the board of Community Leadership Australia an alliance of community leadership programs spanning the Asia Pacific whose express purpose is to develop leaders to  make progress on complex economic, social and environmental challenges.



Annie Harvey

Annie is an associate of Mindfulness Works Australia, one of the leading mindfulness training organisations in Australia and New Zealand. She has been practising and teaching mindfulness for 7 years. She has both a corporate and education background, and as part of her business, she teaches people to reduce their stress through ‘laughter wellness sessions’. Annie has spoken at TEDx and recently authored a book.

Annie has a particular interest in teaching how to build emotional resilience when life presents challenges and to embrace change. Annie will reveal the secret skill that is paramount to success in life and will present a tool kit to improve these skills immediately. She will get you shifting from “I think I can to I know I can.”


Emily Lively

Emily Lively

Emily is a Speech Pathologist and Director of Lively Eaters Feeding Services. Emily works with families Australia wide to successfully change children and family's eating cultures and habits and reduce the stress and negativity that mealtimes have often become. Emily has worked within paediatric inpatient, outpatient and community speech pathology since 2000. She has specialised in infant and paediatric feeding difficulties, working at both hospital and clinic settings. Prior to establishing Lively Eaters, Emily worked in her own paediatric private practice and provided assessment and therapy for general speech and language delays and disorders, Autism and Asperger assessments, children with complex medical and development disorders and feeding difficulties.

Over the last 20 years Emily has provided assessment and therapy for general speech and language delays and disorders, Autism and Asperger assessments, children with complex medical and development disorders and feeding difficulties. She has supported families of children with feeding difficulties from neonate units, paediatric wards, cleft palate clinic (FMC), Children's Assessment Team, family homes and education settings.

Emily is currently undertaking her Dr of Philosophy (PhD) specialising in teaching enterally fed (tube fed) children to eat and drink.


Mark Le Messurier

Mark Le Messurier

Mark is a teacher, counsellor, author and presenter. He works in schools and in private practice in Adelaide as a coach to young people, parents and teachers.

Mark is the co-author of the ‘What’s the Buzz?’ social skills/friendship program now assisting children with diverse abilities around the globe. Already in 60 countries, it is now being rolled out in Chinese schools. He is the author of; ‘Archie’s BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures,’ ‘Raising Beaut Kids,’ ‘Parenting Tough Kids,’ ‘Teaching Tough Kids’ and ‘CBT; a how-to guide for successful behaviours’ and more!


Kate Mason

Kate Mason

Kate Mason is a business owner, International Key Note Speaker, qualified teacher, MBTI presenter and coach.
Based in Adelaide, Kate has worked as a teacher, a coach and has 30 years in business development including training staff in leadership and relationship skills.

Kate is also trained in personality profiling and is highly experienced in the understanding of personality and performance.

Kate currently assists schools, business workplaces and individuals in discovering the impact that innate personality type plays in their relationships and roles within their work.

Using facts, fun and humour Kate will empower you with the essential learning experiences that will help you to develop a better understanding of personality types. Therefore enabling you to build stronger relationships and improved learning experiences with the people that you work with and the students in your classroom.


Madhavi Nawana Parker

Madhavi Nawana Parker

Madhavi Nawana Parker is a behaviour consultant and a published author of social emotional literacy programs including, 'The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox' and co-author of ‘What’s the Buzz?’  Madhavi is driven by the value of young people feeling a sense of belonging and connection. Healthy relationships are at the core of a person's wellbeing and good social emotional literacy provides the platform for academic and lifelong achievement. Madhavi strives to teach these skills to young people in her private practice. Through her training workshops, she also guides parents and professionals to develop simple and practical ways to support young people to be more resilient and socially-emotionally skilled. Madhavi is a keynote and guest speaker on the topics of social emotional literacy, positive discipline, resilience and wellbeing. She presents to a wide audience including teachers, educators, allied health professionals and parents.  http://www.madhavinawana.com.au/ www.theresilienceandwellbeingtoolbox.com.au & ‘Solutions for Kids’ on Facebook.

Robyn Young

Professor Robyn Young

Professor Young’s early research in the 90s which involved Savant Syndrome led to a series of publications in key journals and was the subject of a one hour documentary, “Uncommon Genius”. Over the past 20 years her research has focused on intervention and detection of children with autism. Her work includes four books: Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC, 2007), The structured program for early childhood therapists working with Autism (SPECTRA; ACER Press; 2009) Ready Set Learn (Moffat and Young, 2017) and Autism and Crime: Myths and Mechanisms. In more recent years she has been asked to assess older individuals and provide expertise in court reports as an expert witness.


Tom circle

Dr Tom Nehmy

Director of Healthy Minds, Clinical Psychologist
Dr Tom Nehmy is the founder of Healthy Minds. More than 20,000 people have attended his workshops, training programs, invited addresses, and conference presentations across Australia and overseas.
Tom has co-authored 10 scholarly articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and was awarded the 2015 Flinders University Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. He is involved in the accreditation and training process of all Healthy Minds schools and companies.